Higher Education


H.E Ato Kora Tushune

Higher Education

Higher Education

The Higher Education Development Sector, overseen by the state minister, which comprises of four chief executive officers and 17 desks. Its main areas of focus include improving higher secondary education, supporting quality teaching, research, and innovation, and providing community-wide services to develop skilled and competitive individuals.

Academic Affairs Executive

  • Head, Competency and Quality Improvement Desk
  • Head, Curriculum and Programs Desk
  • Head, Teachers’ and Students’ Development Desk
  • Head, Private Higher Education Institutions Service Desk
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Research and Community Engagement Executive

  • Head, Research and Extension Desk
  • Head, Research Ethics Desk
  • Head, Institutional Linkage and Technology Transfer Desk
  • Head, Community Engagement and Indigenous Knowledge Desk
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Governance and Infrastructure Executive

  • Head, Administration Affairs Desk
  • Head, Institutional Structure and Leadership Desk
  • Head, Infrastructure and Input Desk
  • Head, Scholarship and Internationalization Desk
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ICT and Digital Education Executive

  • Head, Education Multimedia Program Development Desk
  • Head, School Net ICT Desk
  • Head, Education Media Studio Operation and Administration Desk
  • Head, Network Technical Desk
  • Head, Network Operation Desk
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