General Education


H.E Mrs. Ayelech Eshete

General Education

General Education

The General Education Development Sector is an important part of the education system, overseen by the Ministry of Education. With four chief executives and thirteen desks, its primary goal is to ensure that citizens are adequately prepared for both employment and further education opportunities. This includes providing accessible and inclusive education and training from early childhood through 12th grade, as well as adult education and training programs. By focusing on fairness and appropriateness, the sector plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the country's workforce and society as a whole.

Curriculum Development Executive

  • Head, Language and Co-curricular Education Curriculum Desk
  • Head, Social Science Education Curriculum Desk
  • Head, Natural Science Education Curriculum Desk
  • Head, Career and Technical Education Curriculum Desk
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Teachers’ and Educational Leaders’ Development Executive

  • Head, Teachers’ and Educational Leaders Development Desk
  • Head, Education Language Development Desk
  • Head, STEAM DESK
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Educational Program and Quality Improvement Executive

  • Head, Education Programs and Quality Improvement Desk
  • Head, Pastoralist and Special Needs Education Desk
  • Head, Education Infrastructure and Service Desk
  • Head, General Education Inspection Desk
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Adult and Non-formal Education Programs Executive

  • Head, Adults’ Basic Education Desk
  • Head, Non-Formal and Lifelong Education Programs Desk
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